Tech Story from XIX Century

A journey from childhood to MashApp

Sergey Korzhenevich Founder, CEO
Nikolay Babich Co-founder
Yuri Motin Co-founder
Mihail Sysoev Co-founder

Kids. They are happy by nature. They don’t just live. They play. Have fun. Interact.

Do you remember when you were a kid?
We remember our childhood.

And one of the best game we played in our childhood was Boutes-rimés.

It works like this: someone takes a piece of paper and writes a series of rhymes in a column. Then they fold the paper so that only the first word is visible. The first participant has to come up with a line that ends with this first word. Then they fold the paper again so that only the second word is visible. The next participant has to come up with a line that ends with the second word.

And so on.

The result is a poem that you compose in collaboration with all your friends.

The game Bouts-rimés (literally “rhymed ends” in French) was invented in the 17th century by the minor French poet Dulot, but did not gain widespread fame until the 19th century. Bouts-rimés was played as a game at balls and other social gatherings. Poets and writers actively participated in various events that centered around the Bouts-rimés at that time. Alexander Duma even announced a Bouts-rimés competition in 1864 and published 350 Bouts-rimés composed by various poets.

1865. First publishing of collection of Bouts-Rimés by Alexandre Dumas (more than 350 writers)

We recalled learning about this game in school and thought that it offered a lot of potential for creative interaction in a different genre — film. So, in 2012, we launched a project to create a feature-length film that followed the rules of Bouts-rimés.

We replaced the individual word scheme with a series of short, key film fragments. Anyone who wanted to participate in the project thus had to create a scene that led up to the pre-determined ending fragment. After the scenes were filmed, viewers voted for the most intriguing options. So the format was interactive in every conceivable way, with full-scale participation from everyone interested in creating a feature length film. The result? 20 directors and thousands of viewers joined artistic forces to shoot the film - called Games in the Darkness.

В 2014, the film was published in the iTunes Store. It was hailed as an entirely new cinematic genre that intrigued and delighted co-creators and viewers alike.

Now we’ve created MashApp, which also incorporates elements from the same Bouts-rimés game. This element is what makes MashApp unique.

The form of interaction that we’ve created allows users to transfer their typical style of offline communication with friends to the online environment without any loss of quality. The free-flowing light-heartedness that has always characterized gatherings of friends is still there.

You know how it goes: one person starts telling a story, someone makes a joke about a certain turn of phrase, a third friend follows their cue. Everyone laughs. Then a fourth friend remembers something funny on the same topic. The fifth guy comes in and doesn't get the joke which then becomes the butt of another joke…

Now you can ride out the waves of humor, gags, and inside jokes every day.