A platform for improvisers, jokesters, comedians, and stand‑up comics

and others who love laughing and expressing themselves by using irony and humor.

What do we do?

Exchange short video punches

Initial punch: “Dad, I’m pregnant”

You watch someone's initial video punch


Record your own punch as a response

Response: “But you just went to the store!”
Response: “But you just went to the store!”

You can record your response either before or after the initial punch


The result is a funny video mashup that you co-create with others

Resulting video: “Dad, I’m pregnant”,
“But you just went to the store!”
Initial Punch: “But you just went to the store!”

The story never ends

Your punch becomes an initial punch for others to respond to

Why MashApp?

It’s a new platform with a new opportunity

Just do what you love and do well, and you will draw people towards you

All the positions are occupied on the old platforms

The big stars all joined the key platforms when they first launched

Success stories

Everyone making millions from their social accounts joined their platform of choice from the very beginning. These platforms allowed them to focus on what they love and do well.

  • YouTube made it possible
    for anyone to create their
    own TV channel

  • Instagram let everyone turn
    their life into a fashion

  • Twitch brought gamers
    together and created star

  • TikTok replaced MTV and
    brought music fans

  • MashApp brings
    comedians and
    pranksters together to
    riff continuously off
    each other’s jokes

What’s unique about MashApp?

The unique game mechanic

encourages continuous riffing

Easy to create content

No need to write out scenes,
set the stage, etc.

No need to start from

Just find a video punch to
respond to.

Actually interact with
other users

Rather than just leaving
comments or likes.

Go viral faster

There are always two participants in every joint video. If a follower records a punch in response to your initial video and shares it, all their friends will see your joint mashup.

Markedly different than other platforms


Share Ad Revenue

Revenue from posts of sponsored videos is divided between all creators who recorded response punches. The payout amount is proportional to the popularity of each individual punch.


MashCoins are our internal currency that you can use to reward creators who release funny punches.

Paid Interactions

If you create a hit video, you can charge people to post response punches.


Once a creator hits a certain number of followers, a Subscription button will appear. Subscribers will receive access to all the creator’s paid content and can view any live stand-up routines they put out. Subscriptions are a way to show your support for talented comics.

Listen to community

Let us know what kind of features do you need to perform better. Vote for the hottest features we gotta deliver first or share your ideas using our MashApp Product portal.

What is the advantage of having a
creator account?
  • You can create and launch challenges

    A challenge is a way to attract people to your channel by encouraging them to show off. Challenges show up in search on the main page and help promote the creator’s account

  • Get MashCoins and exchange them to real money
  • The first one gets access to exclusive features

    Personas lenses, soundjis

  • Get videos made from scratch by new users and shoot video punches in response to them

    Every successful punch results in at least one new follower, and may bring in all their friends as well

Getting started
  1. Register
  2. Tap into your talent and create punches
  3. Share your final mashups in other social networks and attract an audience
  4. Apply to get a Creator account

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