Unique MashApp

A new way to interact by exchanging short video punches

Just choose any of the initial videos you see in your feed and record your own video punch as a response. As a result, you get a funny video mashup that you co-create with someone. Then your video punch becomes an initial punch for others to respond to. So every response is a chance to engage in a new exchange and keep riffing off each other!

Record video punches
Before or After

You can record your response before or after any video, wherever it will pack the most punch.

That way, every new mashup is spontaneous, and you never know what angle someone’s response to your video will take.

Socializing through humor

Humor is created in the here and now. You can take any given phrase and come up with a joke. That way, you don’t just create content, but actually interact with it and simultaneously give others the chance to interact with you. It’s a way of socializing through jokes that arise organically.