Unique MashApp

How it works

A new way to interact with friends by exchanging video punchlines

Just record a short video for friends and watch as they respond with their own short videos (punchlines) before or after yours. Every response is a chance to make a new punchline and create a new fun exchange. This type of video flow is the best way to riff off each other! The free-flowing light-heartedness that has always characterized gatherings of friends is still there. The party never stops.

Call/Response interaction

A unique method of endless riffing. When you record a video (Call) someone can record their response to it to make a punchline.

Their response then becomes a new premise for even more responses. And the chain goes on and on ad infinitum.

Shoot punchlines
Before or After

You can record your response before or after any video, wherever it will pack the most punch

That way, every new mashup is spontaneous, and you never know what angle someone’s response to your video will take.

Create Groups and
invite friends

Join groups of like-minded people via invite links and make new friends by interacting with them. Get in the flow of video punchlines and have fun!

Make inside jokes, take digs at friends, remake songs, speak exclusively in movie titles or riff on whatever topics you like. Be yourself as if you were having fun at a get-together with friends.

Like a party

You know how it goes: one person starts telling a story, a second friend makes a joke about a certain turn of phrase, a third friend follows their cue.

Everyone laughs. Then a fourth friend remembers something funny on the same topic and a fifth friend chimes in from time to time. MashApp recreates this same atmosphere.